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Throwing mugs during the 4th of July Parade

Photos from the 2023 parade

Last year's mugs

The story:

     On Beaver Island we have a fabulous 4th of July parade, with many fun, creative floats. Hundreds of visitors line the streets of our downtown around the harbor to watch and celebrate every year. It has become a fun tradition for many families. 

     In 2023, I wanted to take part by having my own float for the first time. Sure, I have been involved with other people's floats many times, but I'd never had my own. But what is a pottery studio going to do in a parade? Well, I could throw pots! (Not that kind of throw! You know, like throwing- making pottery on a wheel). I wasn't sure how that would go, or if anything would turn out, but I didn't really care. I just thought it would be fun, and that's what it's all about anyway. Turns out, it went really well! My sturdy Lockerbie kick wheel was just the thing to make it happen. For many years, all I used was a kick wheel without a motor, so it was not hard to get into the rhythm of kicking to keep the wheel going. It is a little slower, but a nice cadence. I was able to throw 9 mugs during the parade. I took them home and finished them over the course of the next couple weeks, and had them ready for sale. Everyone wanted one! They were a special moment in time- people having watched the first stage of their creation during the parade. A new tradition was born- 4th of July mugs!


Were you at the parade? Do you want to purchase one of the mugs? 
Fill out the form below to be entered into a drawing for your chance to purchase. each mug will be $50

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When the mugs are completed, I will draw names from those who entered.  If your name was drawn, I will contact you to see if you are still interested in purchasing.  If you need shipping, it will be available at the cost of the purchaser. Otherwise, please plan to pick up at the studio.

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